I was born in Saigon, VN. My family and I came here when I was 13. Although I was always drawing when I was little, I did little to no drawing during my high school years (too many AP classes!!) and my college years. After graduating from Univerisity of CA, Los Angeles I attended the Art Institute for one year, learning basic drawing, perpective, anatomy, flash, and basic 3D Max modeling (I built a horrid low-polygon portrait of myself). I later left AI-LA because I wanted to go into Illustration, but the major wasn't offered. I also got married and moved to Northern CA, where I now reside, raising a small family and working as a freelance artist.

My goal is to improve, expand my portfolio, working and exploring things that I haven't fully studied. I'm always on a hunt for a good art book to add my art library. I study from the old masters including Rubens, Titian, John W. Waterhouse, etc.. But my favorite artist remains John Singer Sargent.

It's been 6 years since I started painting, and most of those years had been fairies work! Last year however, I ventured into the different realms of zombies and knights, and medieval wonder. Every time I work on an artwork, I found myself in that world, spell-bound by it. I found out more about myself, about what subject I'm comfortable exploring, and what I'm not really into. Art is not just about improving technique; it's also about self-discovery.


Digital painting, traditional painting
Art type: mostly painterly realism, loves to convey a sense of beauty, drama, melodious and serene or epic scenes.
Software: Very proficient in Photoshop; basic working knowledge of Flash.

TERMS OF USE (for tubes forums):

  • Please DO NOT tube any artworks other than the Fairies section.
  • removal of background and some animations (glitter...) are OK.
  • Tags, sigs, etc are allowed
  • All of tubes/any use of my art must be strictly non-commercial. Commercial websites must purchase a license for use of my artwork.
  • Have fun :)
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